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Find your savings with our


Fiberlite provides a savings calculator as a tool to help industry professionals determine how much their clients can save on heating and cooling costs by adding cellulose insulation can help consumers and buisness lower their thermostat and save energyCellulose Insulation. Simply enter the size of a home, the current and desired R-Value and the applicable utility rates into the calculator. Industry professionals can then provide homeowners with potential annual and 10-year energy savings figures. As an added feature, this calculator also provides feedback on greenhouse gas reduction resulting from a home’s decreased energy use.

Contact a Fiberlite representative for assistance or more information on how to calculate potential savings by adding or upgrading the insulation in a home or building.

Enter Values Below
Area to be upgraded Square Feet Enter the surface area of the space where insulation is to be upgraded.
Heating Degree Days HDD (Fahrenheit) Help on finding Heating Degree Days for your area
Current R Value US R Value Help on looking up R-Values
New Total R Value US R Value Help on looking up R-Values
Pick your fuel type below -- Then, correct fuel cost and furnace efficiency if desired
Natural Gas
Fuel Oil
Click Calculate button to update fuel saving
$ Saving per year Dollars The dollar saving in fuel cost for the first year.
$ Saving for 10 years Dollars The dollar saving in fuel costs for the first 10 years, assuming a 10% increase in fuel cost each year.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction lbs per year If electricity is the fuel, it is assumed it is generated in a coal fired power plant.