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All the advantages of Cellulose Insulation



Inadequate insulation in your home could be costing you money month after month and you might literally be losing money through the roof. Cellulose insulation is the preferred choice for retrofits in existing homes. Having InCide® Pest Control Insulation installed in your home brings cellulose insulation and a highly effective pest control together in the attic and walls. It will reduce your monthly utility cost, create a quiet and comfortable environment, and provide nonstop pest control protection where applied.

Blowing InCide Pest Control Cellulose Insulation in a wall InCide® Pest Control Insulation may be installed directly over the top of existing attic insulation. The loose-fill nature of the product fills any voids and gaps that other insulation products leave exposed. For wall applications, the use of the “drill and fill” method of installation eliminates the need for a total wall renovation. While the drill and fill application method is commonly used to insulate walls that may contain no insulation, it can be used to add insulation to walls that already have insufficient or under-performing insulation. The best part is, old insulation does not need to be removed.

Be sure to request InCide® Pest Control Insulation by Fiberlite Technologies if you are planning a retrofit project to get all the benefits of cellulose insulation and highly effective pest control protection in one.